Giỏ quà cao cấp nhập khẩu Edenbrook Vineyards 11 món

2.200.000,00  1.950.000,00 

Giỏ quà Edenbrook Vineyards bao gồm 11 món :

  • 1 hộp Butterscotch Hard Candies (3oz)
  • 1 hộp Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate w/Caramel Square (2pc)
  • 1 hộp Godiva Milk Chocolate Caramels (2pc)
  • 1 hộp Hammond’s Hot Cocoa Mix (0.85oz)
  • 1 hộp King Leo Mint Puffs (6pc)
  • 1 hộp Lily O’Brien’s Dark Chocolate Truffles (2pc)
  • 1 hộp Marich Chocolate Peanut Butter Maltballs (1.5oz)
  • 1 hộp bánh Monica’s Brownie Cookies (3oz)
  • 1 hộp Candy Cane Popcorn with King Leo Peppermint (6oz)
  • 1 hộp Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory English Toffee (2pc)

1 hộp Russell Stover White Peppermint (2pc)


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